Shubhasish Kanjilal

Celebrating father’s day was not a priority in our minds. None of our friends knew either. We were a gang of mischievous boys, playing games on road, breaking window panes with cricket shots, receiving “ear twisting” from elders and sometimes “kneel down” commands there after, as rewards if caught. Birthdays were more familiar. On birthdays, used to love eating Payesh prepared by Maa and get books Shishu Sathi, Shuktara etc. Tintin was not affordable, so read occasionally when someone shared in groups.

Rock (Varandha) adda was a must, believing even French people do it. Excellent reasons to justify after spending time in adda on holidays and also in the evening after school and playing session got over. We all used to share and enjoy learning with excitement as a team, what we call now “Management thru participation”. Used to share Alur chop, Tea, last puff of affordable Charminar and Four square (when status upgraded). All in rhythm of life & what we call now to get ourselves aligned in a team. Calcutta was a place where everyone was happy. Caring and sharing for others were predominant. Money was in scanty, so at times used to travel WT (without ticket), occasionally get caught and released on earnest request not to be repeat offender. Used to break rules, sometimes found ourselves heart broken too! Still all enjoyed together.

Readers may wonder why all such bakwas! Reason is that we are not professional writers but can only express our feeling. So, please pardon me.

Now, coming back to Father’s day, I was fortunate and lucky to have spent my one eventful week with my younger son, Ron (His nick name as a promising footballer in Dubai, School Captain in Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra and now in BITS, Pilani Team, Dubai)

In our golden era of living and enjoying life in form of sharing and caring, we were not familiar with such special day like Mother’s or father’s day, but as time has passed and with technology up- gradation and less time to devote with families, perhaps such occasions have become the need of the hour when we spent time together and heartily welcome by all. During his tenure of 17 years and when he attained age of 18 on 3rd March, 2014, I had a rare opportunity to have his company in such a fashion. As our time is routine and everyone is engaged in his/her assigned task, it is worth to see a child growing from a baby to baba and then called by everyone with their own creation of nick name, unless during rice ceremony one final name is decided officially. Present generation shall have one name immediately after their birth to have it mentioned in birth certificate followed by regularizing the same during ceremony.

On this special occasion, I enjoyed to the core of my heart to get his company after totally disengaging myself from any type of time bound task. We could interact well on various topic from Sports to Technology and of course cookery, as we all are foodies in general. We spent quality time in nice ambiance, close to sea shore and away from crowd and occasional shopping mood. Indulged in Swimming, Football practice in lawn, deciding food menu for all four time meals with a combination of local cuisine to our delight thus making every moment enjoyable. Also, he has decided about his further education in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) – to discuss few fundamentals on that as well. As we are working parents for last 35 years and children are brought up independently, so like many others, our children was also forced to learn some responsibilities developed in their early age. But, they missed great innovative gathering –“ ADDA”.

It’s good to see and realize that they are so caring at times and extending help in small way but could be sentimental in activities like preparing a cup of tea or making bed or exploring internet to catch up with fast paced networking that life now demands. Present generation, I have observed that, most of them can adjust in any kind of situations and they have fewer complications.

They are mixing with friends and relatives at ease and more or less their communication is short and effective. Only, they use lot of abbreviations and code language which becomes difficult for us to deal with. Perhaps, best option is to mingle with them in open and frank manner as far as possible and without imposing anything that could be detrimental to their growth, taste, likes and dislikes without forgetting our basic values and endearing passion. They should be careful and judgmental of believing only in brand values which are being exploited by MNC’s. Today, we have “slim fit” size in garments which just before few years back was “normal fit”. So, shall we throw our all clothes and go for this new attire? However, this new fashion costs you additional money . Brand is not a glossy paper; it should have a quality value with ease for the money spent. As we all know Brand Positioning, nurturing and maintaining is a cost, so no one will have a charity to give you free brand costs. All expenses are included in total sum and they are portraying celebrities to have a feeling that you are at par with them. But, remember everyone cannot and will not become a celebrity just using such a branded product unless you have it for social status. Then, it requires a healthy and peaceful debate when we all can deliberate and arrive at a decision on value for the money spent. Thus, we both deliberated this way on father’s day and both enjoyed for some time. It was more on agree to disagree on Brand aspect.

Theories are based on scientific evidences which no one can rule out, followed by experiments and getting results is same for all generations. But, we need to tune ourselves with present generation in such a way that finally it becomes a “win win” situation for everyone. We should share our maturity and experience with their current technological up-gradation, so that all are benefited. Many parents as we see ,disengage themselves from present lot who are very competent and task masters in the fastest mode.

If my above lines of expressions are making sense after having a short afternoon nap and waiting for next WC Football to watch during this evening, I personally feel celebrating a father’s or mother’s day is always worth, be it in off shore or on shore.

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