Pradip Roy Chowdhury

TAT (Turn Around Time) is now the buzz word in our office. All employees are on their toes to meet the deadline at work. This evidently leads to better service to all customers of the organisation. However, when I tried to introduce this concept at my home, I met with some resistance, which I want to share with you.

Like charity, all good work begins at home. I tried to explain to my children about concept of TAT and told them that they have to get up early in the morning and be at their study table latest by 6.30 am. My son resisted immediately telling me that while preparing for the semester examination, he had been studying for whole night quite recently and now he wanted to sleep through the morning . My daughter said as she was attending her French tuition in the morning every alternate day, it was not possible to get up early every day.

I thought it would be better to explain to my wife about TAT and began as follows:
a. Morning tea should be ready by 6.30 am.
b. Breakfast to be served by 7.45 am, immediately after my bath,
c. Lunch Box packed and ready by 8 am so that I am at Andheri station every day by 8.30 am so as to catch my scheduled train on time, thereby reaching office well before 9.30 am.
Emphasized, her compliance of TAT in the morning will help to achieve my TAT for rest of the day.

That day evening, unfortunately I happened to be late at my office and reached home almost around 10 pm. Found my wife not in her best of moods. She said, “ your cousin brother came with his wife for the first time after his marriage. They stayed for dinner and have just left after waiting for you so long. Your dinner is kept on the table. Please help yourself. Remember your TAT to be home is latest by 8.30pm.”

When I reached my dining table I found one apple, a banana and a glass of milk waiting for me.

I yelled: hat kind of combination is this? Do you think I am sick?
Wife replied coolly, “Sorry, the chapatis and vegetable got over after serving the guests. However, this is the right combination for dinner, known as TIT for TAT.”

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