To Be an Engineer

Jyotishka Misra

Masters of the eleventh hour,
Engineers in their element,
Mad dash, on the fly
Their ruthless vigour evident.

The hardest working procrastinators,
The most quantitative day-dreamers,
Hold nightly vigils as long as they remain
Strongly caffeinated schemers.

They navigate the modern world at ease,
For they built the darn thing,
The ships at sea, the buildings on land,
And aircrafts wing to wing.

They break problems down and solve the parts,
And integrate them to form a plan,
They twist the universal laws at will,
As only engineers or sorcerers can.

They are the minds that make things work,
Transforming the arcane theory,
Into practical, usable machines,
That then unburden the weary.

Through Data-driven modelling,
They simulate their creations,
Weaving safety factors into everything,
Accounting iterative variations.

They build things with the user in mind,
Overlays of intuitive controls,
So we can use things without thinking,
Saving precious seconds untold.

It takes a special kind of person truly,
To be an engineer,
Who dispels the discomforts of the world,
Marching forward without fear.

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